More Mopar on Display

We are fortunate to have Tom Sarmento and his General Lee return to our show this year!

Tom Sarmento and The General Lee

From the iconic paint to the one of a kind horn to the superhero entry and exit, this car is a piece of Americana.  Tom Sarmento will have his General Lee, one of only 17 original show cars still in existence, on display at the show.

Tom began his career in 1968, working for Chrysler as a mechanic through 1978. In 1978, Tom went to Universal Studios where he worked on many notable TV shows. In August 1979, Tom went over to Warner Brothers and became lead mechanic for the Dukes of Hazzard through 1985. As lead mechanic it was Tom’s job to keep all 317 General Lee’s and over 1,000 Roscoe Sheriff and bad guy cars running for those spectacular stunts that were shown every week!

Be sure to check out Tom Sarmento on Facebook and come see him and the General Lee on October 23rd!