1967 Petty Belvedere News

It keeps getting better and better, think about it, we’ve had some of the King’s greatest rides at our car show over the years. From RP’s 1974 Daytona 500 winning Dodge Charger, that beautiful 1957 Olds convertible that was his first race car, his 1965 Barracuda Drag car 43 jr. to the king of the super speedways, the incredible 1970 Plymouth Superbird. And now, just confirmed, we are so excited to announce that the car on display this year will be NASCAR’s most dominant season long performance in its history and one of the great achievements in the history of motorsports, Petty Enterprises’ 1967 Plymouth Belvedere! Here’s a few facts, this car started out actually as a 66 Belvedere that had an incredible season in itself, winning Richard’s second Daytona 500 in 1966 and going on to win another 8 races that year powered by the legendary 426 Hemi. Then for 67, Petty Enterprises re-skinned the 66 with minor trim changes to represent the new 1967 Belvedere and history was created. It was seemingly unbeatable, of the 48 races that year, Richard put the Plymouth into first place an unbelievable 27 times! 10 of those wins were in a row, and along the way racked up 11 top 5’s and 10 top 10’s. To give you an idea of how good this car was, in Nashville, Richard spun during the race and hit the wall. The front end was knocked out of alignment and one of the rear springs was broken. The crew said might as well park it but Richard said fix it. With a sort of guess on the alignment with a string and measuring tape, as well as replacing the rear leaf spring, Richard went back out, 7 laps down. In just a few laps, he began to pick off the leaders, not only making up the laps at speed and during cautions, coming from 7 laps down to win the race. The car was that good! No other car has been able to even come close to the 67’s track performance. Over the 66-67 season this car won 36 races. It was the first significant artifact to be displayed at the NASCAR Hall of Fame back in 2008 and in 2014, Richard brought it out of retirement and shipped her all the way across the Atlantic to England’s Goodwood Festival of Speed making laps at speed himself at the historical event. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to see a piece of NASCAR history in person!